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The superannuation guarantee is designed to provide income in retirement, supplementing or substituting the age pension for Australians. This system aims to help citizens achieve a financially secure and dignified retirement 💼👵👴. However, there are concerns that the wording used by the Treasury may discourage people from creating successful businesses and wealth.


Some experts have called for the purpose of superannuation debate to be taken out of politicians’ hands and decided by a “council of elders” 🧓👩‍⚖️. However, this idea has been met with skepticism, as it may introduce another political actor into the mix. Instead, a revamped Productivity Commission or the Reserve Bank of Australia could potentially step in to provide an independent perspective on superannuation policy 🏛️🇦🇺.


The debate also includes discussions on how much Australians should be allowed to accumulate in their super balances, with sector leaders coalescing around a $5 million cap 💰💵. While this is considered a sizeable amount, any moves to impose a limit on the low-tax superannuation environment should be discussed with the industry first.


Ultimately, the focus should be on ensuring that Australians can achieve a financially secure and dignified retirement through superannuation, while also encouraging wealth creation and successful businesses 📈🌏.



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