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Apex Financial Planning was established to help everyday Australians to take control of their retirement planning and savings. To get an understanding of how their money is invested and ask why. When you join the gym, there will be times where you will lack the motivation to go for a workout. It is a different story when you have a personal trainer who is there coaxing you and challenging you to hit your peak. We are the personal trainers when it comes to your finances.

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Sean YEO

Sean Yeo CFP

Sean Yeo CFP® has been a financial adviser for 8 years. In the last 4 years, he became a senior financial adviser specialising in superannuation, self-managed super funds (SMSF), direct equities (domestic and international), insurances, debt management and retirement planning. Prior to this, he has been a mortgage broker and personal banker starting in 2006.

With 14 years in financial services, Sean has seen how clients have had their situations change in an instant and has aided them in overcoming obstacles. Having worked under small (AMPFP) and large (BT Advice) financial planning firms, he is in a prime position to lead our clients towards their objectives.

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